Pink project - domino

What is your favorite spot in the home?
  I love the fireplace in the living room: We designed it with a rare piece of Calacatta marble. And then there are the black-framed windows, which look out into the massive yard. I love creating rooms with different textures, in lieu of filling the space with patterns or too much color. I'm really into neutrals because they're a long-term commitment and easy to build upon. The look remains timeless and is easily refreshed by simply swapping out the smaller pieces such as throws or pillows. 

Art (right) by Mel Bochner

The interesting irony is that this Pinkcast is about “how” to improve motivation, not why. Playing devil’s advocate here, I’m reminded, as an actor, about the actor who asked the director “What’s my motivation in this scene?” The director said, “Your paycheck.” Personally, I believe it’s important to know the “why.” Different answers to “why” will have different results. “Because I want to” can be a really good answer, as can “Your paycheck.”

Pink Project - DominoPink Project - DominoPink Project - DominoPink Project - Domino